Mission: Travel the World

Few years back, I am just a typical woman with simple wishes in life. Have a stable job, take care of my kid, do grocery, a bit of shopping...nothing special, really. Looking forward for my day off was already something that excites me =p You can say that I am one of those who are comfortable with 'daily routines'. Then along the way, I met someone who would make my journey, extraordinary. A sudden twist of fate, maybe. But one thing's for sure, I am thankful, I am HAPPY!

Francesco and I met in Dubai where I was working as an Operation's Assistant for a clothing company back in 2014. He was working as a Chef in a Hotel Resort where our company's office was. Originally, Francesco and I came from two different parts of the world. I came where we love to eat rice (lol). Yes, i have slanted eyes but I am not from China nor Japan. Most people think I am from those countries but sorry to disappoint you guys, born and raised in the Philippines - I am Filipina.

My favorite travel buddy came from one of the most beautiful country in the world, Italy. Everything about Italy is LOVE. From food (which is my favorite <3), to buildings, sculpture, history, art... everything is magical! Need I say more? Italy is Italy!

Francesco had been to a lot of countries. From Spain to London, Machu Pichu in Peru to Las Vegas, Nevada, He had a handful of journeys on his own. Me? Well, I have been in Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong and Dubai. Then last month, I was very fortunate to go and enjoy, Italy. Yes, Italy! Never in my wildest dream have I thought of stepping a foot anywhere in Europe, but I did. More than the feeling of a dream come true, what made my trip to Italy more special is that this time, it's not just me, but WE.

We aim to do the things we love to do, TRAVEL and PHOTOGRAPHY. As what Paulo Coelho once said, "Travel is not a matter of money but of courage". We dare to live our lives to the fullest and make our dreams a reality.

And so, OUR journey begins. From Dubai, to Italy, to the WORLD!!!

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