Palawan Invasion

El Nido, Palawan

I am from the Philippines but I have never explored my own country that much. With my travel buddy coming from the other side of the world, it's time to feed our curiosity as to why Palawan has been considered the best among the rest.

We arrived in Puerto Prinsesa 2 days ago. Upon arrival in the airport, we traveled straight to El Nido. Little did we know, it takes maximum 5 hours traveling time to reach our destination! (what?!) Yeah, we came unprepared. (lol!) Prior to the flight, we had already booked a hotel in El Nido (La Salangane) and asked for their assistance for airport transport. First, we needed to ride a tricyle to exit the airport then we were dropped off to where we should ride the van, which is just 3 minutes away.

Had to wait for a few minutes before we finally hit the road as we needed to wait for some more passengers. There are two options that you can use to go to El Nido: public bus and van. As per the locals, public buses usually takes 8 hours travelling time while van takes only 5 hours. Van can have up to 10 passengers but they also have a departure time to follow. For us, we were scheduled to depart around 6;30 pm but we left around 7 pm due to late arrival of the van, so we arrived in El Nido already past 12 Midnight.

Due to tiredness from long travel, we woke up late the next day. We woke up around 12 noon and thought we missed the free breakfast. (Because breakfast is life! hehehe) So we went to the restaurant and was greeted with a pleasant smile from the Manager, Mitch. Had a small chit chat with her and she offered us free breakfast although it's already past lunch! (Happy tummy, happy ME!) It was a great way to start the day. =) Aside from free breakfast, she assisted us in doing our itinerary for the day. She was so helpful. (Thanks Mitch!) There were a lot of people offering island tours and other packages but on our first day, we decided to do it our way. We rented a motorbike and off to the road we went!

Mitch's List:

  • Nacpan Beach

  • Duli Beach

  • Nagkalit-kalit Falls

  • Las Cabanas

Yes, it was supposed to be our itinerary for our first day but going to our first destination (Nacpan Beach) already consumed most of our time. Curious to know why? Watch out as we upload videos of our amazing road trip =)

We skipped going to Duli Beach and decided to reroute and go to Nagkalit-kalit falls. Around 4 pm, we arrived in the location of Nagkalit-kalit falls. We were greeted by a very kind tourist guide, Bong. He said that we can still go with him to do the trail going to the falls but it's a bit late. The trail is good for 45 minutes walk which means that we will finish by night and he doesn't recommend. He suggested for us to come back the next day instead.

We were supposed to finish the list today. However, the weather didn't permit us to leave. It's been raining cats and dogs since this morning so we are currently stuck in our room. And as what I told Francesco, "there is a reason for everything." =)

Will be uploading videos soon!!!

Nacpan Beach
Las Cabanas Beach

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